Forza Motorsport 3

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Car Setup Tool

Tuning Guide

  1. Wheels: TSW Trackstar 4 (hit right bumper on controller nine times to scroll quickly to TSW)
  2. Race Driveline
  3. Race Front Bumper
  4. Race Rear Bumper
  5. Race Brakes
  6. Get the following for non-AWD cars only:

  7. Race differential
  8. Now get best of following you can get while keeping it in your target class. In this order:

  9. Exhaust
  10. Air Filter
  11. Then use the following to fill that last point or three:

  12. Flywheel
  13. Springs and Dampers

Now, go into Tune Setup and do the following:

  1. Tire pressure: FWD: 28F/29R; RWD: 28F/29R; AWD: 29F/29R
  2. Aero: You can tweak for track, or for FWD use balanced Aero, for RWD put a little more downforce on rear